Monday, May 11, 2015

Becoming an attorney around the world

            Lately, I have met many international attorneys.  Each of them had a great tale to tell about why they chose to become an attorney.

             One of the more takeaways from our discussions is that our educational paths to becoming attorneys are often quite different.  The following table compares the U.S. with Italy and Switzerland.

High School (18 years old)
High school (19 years old)
Gymnasium / High School  (18 years old)

University for Bachelor's degree in any subject (4 years)

University for Bachelor's degree in law (4 years)
University for a combined BA / MA in law (total of 4.5 years)
Law School for a JD (3 years)
Practical experience (2 years)
Practical experience (1 year, of which a minimum of 3 months is court experience)

Jurist is an unlicensed graduate

Bar Exam
Bar Exam
Bar Exam

Rechtsanwalt is a person who has passed the bar exam

** In Italy, if you wish to be a Judge or work for the public, then you must take an additional examination

- Henry Park

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