Friday, August 25, 2017

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      In an effort to consolidate our Internet presence, we moved blogging platforms from Blogger to Wix, which was hosting our website.  Unfortunately, Wix doesn't allow us to link our subdomain to a page on our website.  Thus, if you are looking for our blog, it is now at

- Henry Park

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Trademark - Dosenbach and Deichmann

     If you live in Switzerland, you would see this logo associated with the store chain Dosenbach.

     I was recently in Germany, and I saw what appeared to be the identical logo.


However, it was associated with a shoe chain called Deichmann. I assumed that the store chains were related, and research confirmed it. Deichmann acquired Dosenbach in 1973 (see Dosenbach link, Wikipedia link). How fortunate was that acquisition? Deichmann acquired a competitor with a name that started with a "D". Now, it could use the same logo for both businesses create a connection between the businesses / brands (see my posts on Aquafresh / Odol-med3 and Crest / Blend-a-Med for examples of how businesses created connections between their brands).

- Henry Park

Friday, August 4, 2017

Warning notices

     I was at Burger King restaurant in Switzerland and I bought a kid's meal. It came with a toy that was packaged in a plastic bag, and there were, of course, the required warning notices -- in 21 languages.

- Henry Park