Monday, November 2, 2015

Technology - Encryption Registration Request

     This is the third in a series of posts concerning U.S. export control laws.

     The first post discussed the various export laws, and the second post discussed signing up for a SNAP-R account so you can submit an "export license applications, commodity classification requests, encryption registration, reexport license applications, and license exception AGR notifications...." 

      In this post, we will review the submission process for an encryption registration request.
 1.   After you have logged into your account, you select "Create Work Item" from the left hand menu.

2.   From the "Type" drop down menu, you select "Encryption Registration" and add your internal reference code.

3.     This will bring you to the encryption registration form.  The first section is your contact information.

4.     The second section concerns whether you are submitting the encryption registration for your own business or a third-party business.  In this example, we are submitting the form for another business.  We input the third-party's information in Question 14, and confirm our information in Question 15.

5.   The third section is where you can provide additional relevant information concerning your encryption request that may be required by the Export Administration Regulations (EAR).  In our example, we leave this blank.

6.   The last section is where you attach your completed version of Supplement No. 5 to Part 742.  To attach your document click the "View and Manage Supporting Document" link.

7.   On the next page, click the "Upload Supporting Documents" link.

8.   On the next page, add the document description and the document type is "Encryption Registration Supp. No. 5 to Part 742".