Saturday, February 6, 2016

Trademark King - Update 2

     I last wrote about Trademark King in May 2015.

     As predicted, the trademark applications filed by Trademark King are starting to be abandoned.  A search of the Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS) reveals that 29 of the 152 trademark applications filed by Trademark King have now been abandoned for failure to respond to an Office Action.

     Some of the abandoned marks are:  "Back to School Clearance Sale", "Sales Price", "Wholesale Price", "Winter Sale", "Spring Sale", "Mother's Day Sale", and "Verizon Center".

     Almost all of the other 123 trademark applications have been suspended since July 2015, and the few applications that are not suspended are awaiting responses to outstanding Office Actions, which probably will never come, and thus those applications also will be abandoned.

    Although I do not expect it, Trademark King does have two months from the dates on the notices of abandonment to file petitions to revive its applications.  However, in order to file such a petition, Trademark King would have to state that its delay in responding to its outstanding Office Actions was unintentional and pay a $100 fee per each application.

- Henry Park

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