Monday, February 13, 2017

Privacy / Security - Data privacy and data security tools

     What do you know about your data?  How should you be handling it?

     I recently received an email from Tresorit that provided a self-assessment tool to evaluate how you are handling your data.  The tool provides an evaluation concerning how sensitive the data is that you are handling, potential risks in handling of that data, and offers some suggestions on how to secure that data.  Check it out.

     Microsoft also released a tool, Secure Score, for businesses that use its Office 365 product (see PC World link).  This tool "analyzes an organization's configuration, [and] then provides them with a score based on the security controls they have fully or partially deployed." It also will provide guidance on what security features would provide the most benefit with the least impact to users.

- Henry Park

Yellow folders graphic was designed by Freepik.

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